I started out creating television graphics for NBC, which out of necessity, required me to work in myriad styles. I’ve since narrowed my concentration. The illustration style on this page has been requested much for children’s products over the years, so remains in my quiver. In fact, I just completed a 3’ x 6’ painting, in this flavor, for the Valley Children’s Hospital, in Madera County, CA. I’m proud to work on projects of this kind, which I feel are the very best use of art, to provide temporary escape or distraction to children and their families faced with the most stressful and challenging of situations.
Children's Illustration Title Image
Enjoying California Treasures Image
Snowboarder Image
 Mountain Biker Image
Farmer Image
Surfer Image
Bee Image
Troll Image
Magic Castle Image
Cricket Magazine Cover Image
Hide & Seek Image
Happy Birthday Aries Image
TV Fly Image
Twins Image
Tightrope Walker Image
TV Frog Image
Antennae Image
Rocket Jockey Image
Tree Swing Image