Bill Davis, Phone: 415 748-9850, Skype: trowzers

Computer Games

Below are some of the games I helped bring to life. With many previous years of experience as an animated commercial director and avid gamer, I began my career in games as a vp of creative development with Sierra Online.

The Big Picture! ImageClue Drop ImageJewel Quest 6, The Sapphire DragonJojo's World Tour Mobile ImageJewel Quest Mobile Image
Jewel Quest Mysteries Mobile ImageJewel Quest 5, The Sleepless StarJewel Quest Mysteries 3 ImageJewel Quest Challenge, FaceBook
Party Resort, FacebookFamily Feud Facebook ImageSolitaire Twist Mobile ImageJewel Quest, Heritage Image
Jojo's Fashion Show, World TourP. J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: EuropeJewel Quest Mysteries 2Family Feud, Battle of the Sexes
Jewel Quest Solitaire 3ObsidianRocket JockeyThe Space BarGabriel Knight
King's Quest 6, Heir Today, Gone TomorrowQuest for Glory IIISlater & Charlie Go CampingCastle of Dr. BrainEcoQuest 2
Pepper's Adventures in TimeDaryl F. Gates, Police Quest, Open SeasonConquest of the LongbowLaura Bow, The Dagger of Amon RaQuest for Glory II
Leisure Suit Larry 5Island of Dr. BrainMixed-Up Fairy TalesPolice Quest 3Space Quest 4
Hoyles Book of Games 3Eco QuestLeisure Suit LarrySpace Quest 1Police Quest 1
King's Quest VThe Sierra Network (The Imagination Network)Mixed-Up Mother GooseJones in the Fast LaneOilswell
Conquest of CamelotHero's QuestThe Colonel's Bequest Image