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Creative Direction
Computer Games
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Graphic Design

Graphic design isn't always given the respect and importance it deserves in games. It's often just laid at the feet of the art team responsible for creating the environments, characters and animation. These individuals rarely have the training and experience with fonts and plastic orchestration on the page, much less knowledge of interface theory or ergonomics, to handle the task professionally. I like to use formally trained graphic designers to create logos and interfaces, whenever possible. I, myself, formally studied graphic design, while

at CalArts and practiced it professionally for many years. I designed the Gong Show logo, among others things. I appreciate a well designed font or interface as much as I do a painting and my study of graphic design and interface theory through the works of Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Richard Saul Wurman (Information Anxiety, Information Architects) continued after graduation. I'm serious about this stuff. :-) Below are a few examples of the graphic design from projects under my creative direction.